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  • Jeffries Primary and Nursery School,
  • Vernon Road, Kirkby-in-Ashfield,
  • Nottinghamshire, NG17 8EE,
  • 01623 460274

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mrs Sarah Parnell Head of School
Picture 2 Miss Kellie Griffiths Assistant Head, Y6 Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Sarah Bacon Assistant Head, Y2 Teacher
Picture 4 Miss Linzi Riley Senior Leader, Y4 Teacher, SENCO
Picture 5 Mr Nick Green Senior Leader, Y5 Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs Teresa Green School Business Manager
Picture 7 Mrs Stephanie Bingham Admin Assistant
Picture 8 Mrs Katy Bacon Admin Assistant
Picture 9 Miss Kiran Johal Y6 Teacher
Picture 10 Miss Natasha De Jesus Y1 Teacher
Picture 11 Miss Jade Thompson Y2 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Laura Gibson Y3 Teacher
Picture 13 Miss Amy Canham F2 Teacher
Picture 14 Miss Hannah Tomkinson Year 1 Teacher
Picture 15 Miss Alexis Moon F1 Teacher
Picture 16 Mrs Sally Borrill Cover Supervisor
Picture 17 Mrs Sandra Darker Y4 Group Teacher
Picture 18 Mrs Jane Sansom Y6 Group Teacher
Picture 19 Miss Whitney Price Teaching Assistant
Picture 20 Miss Georgina Good 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Miss Vikki Kirk Year 5 Group Teacher
Picture 22 Mrs Laura Allsopp 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Picture 23 Mrs Jo Bateman Year 2 Group Teacher
Picture 24 Miss Laura Kirk Year 3 Group Teacher
Picture 25 Mrs Nicola Wheatley 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Picture 26 Mrs Kelly Lole 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Miss Kerry Howard Year 1 Group Teacher
Picture 28 Miss Samantha Duncombe Year 2 Group Teacher
Picture 29 Mrs Sarah Marshall Teaching Assistant
Picture 30 Mrs Lesley Hampson Teaching Assistant
Picture 1 Miss Julie Randle Midday Supervisor
Picture 2 Mrs Norma Stanley Midday Supervisor
Picture 3 Mrs Zuberin Chowdhury Midday Supervisor
Picture 4 Miss Adele Wray Midday Supervisor
Picture 5 Mr David Howard Midday Supervisor
Picture 6 Mrs Nickeisha Marshall Midday Supervisor
Picture 7 Mrs Vicky Smith Midday Supervisor
Picture 1 Mr Rob Lowe Site Manager
Picture 2 Mrs Maxine Priest Cleaner
Picture 3 Mrs Tracey Nock Cleaner
Picture 4 Mrs Sandra Lovegrove Midday


Fundraisers 1 Miss Claire Hodgkinson
Fundraisers 2 Miss Mackenzie Allen
Fundraisers 3 Ms Samantha Turner
Fundraisers 4 Mrs Stacey Brogdale
Fundraisers 5 Mrs Natalie Johnson