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Star of the week

Friday 4th November.

Kyra-Rae for her fantastic phonics.

Kacie-Jai for always willing to have a go.

Friday 11th November

Tyler for always trying hard and being a good friend.

Ami-Le for recognising + ordering numbers 0-10

Friday 18th November

Adelaide for excellent progress since starting in September.

Logan for always having a go.

Friday 25th November

Alex and Kacie-Jai for their fantastic independent writing.


Friday 2nd December

Dominic for his positive attitude in the classroom and his during.

Mason C for his great attitude to writing.

Friday 13th January

Alex for fabulous adding work.

Kacie for writing an excellent sentence.

Friday 31st March

Harry for excellent behaviour on our trip.

Mason for all round improvement in his learning.

Friday 21st April

Paige for her excellent writing.

Kyra-Rae for her excellent writing.

Harry for excellent behaviour on the trip.

Friday 5th May

Ava for starting to write full sentences which can be read by others.

Aimee for great use of phonics in her work.

Friday 12th May

Riley for using good phonics in his writing and good handwriting.

Tyler for his amazing writing about Super Apple.

Friday 25th May

Kyra-Rae for excellent writing at home.

Dominic for his fantastic maths work.

Honey-Beth for great independent writing.

Paige  for super writing about her garden.

Friday 23rd June

Paige for completed subtraction sums all by herself.

Friday 30th June

Tyler and Ellie-Mae for their fantastic story writing.

Friday 7th July

Alex for excellent maths work starting to multiply.

Friday 14th July

Leo for writing his name.

Tanatswa for fantastic independent writing.