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Spotted Pupil of the week

Spotted Children this week


Dominic for carrying on eating his lunch even though he wanted to go and play.

Maisie B for trying to be so independent on our trip.

Children who have been spotted so far


Jenson for being more focused in the classroom activities.

Mason H for being so enthusiastic about his reading.

J-Jay for being helpful.

Jenson for preserving during PE to get himself dressed and undressed. 

Kacie-Jai is always polite, always kind/helpful and always ready to learn.

Logan has been spotted by Mrs Marshall and Mrs Short for an excellent PE lesson and having the confidence to perform in front of our class and smile.

Mason H for being kind and helpful.

Lilly for growing in her confidence within the classroom with her learning.

Freya for trying so hard everyday with learning her numbers.

Tyler for lovely manners.

Mason H and Aimee for being so kind to others.

Paige for being sensible in the classroom.

Tyler for a good start to his new new job.

Harry for being able to write his H.

Jade for playing so nicely all day.

Baran for helping other children make the right choices.

Alex for decorating the Nemo box.

Mia for wowing Mrs Marshall being so sensible around the classroom.

Honey Beth for being kind and gentle with Jeffrey the hamster.

Igor for coming out of his shell and joining in

Lola for a fantastic story mat drawing of the Supertato story.

Alex for being a good friend and always being helpful.

Ava and Cadence because they are leaving our school today and we are going to miss them.

Leo for his BIG smile.

Rosie because she is just so lovely.

Maisie because she has been so chatty to Mrs Short this week and was doing some fantastic learning and sharing with Paige.

All the Nemos for excellent behaviour and listening skills to our Mansfield Town Football Club visitors.

Milan for settling into our class so well.

Maddox for being sensible during film club.

Rosie for always smiling.

Baran for always trying his best, always ready to learn, always being a good friend

Honey-Beth for keeping going with her writing and producing an excellent piece of work

Alex for her amazing reading

Maisy-Jayne for becoming a more confident reader.