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      We started year 6 learning about classification. So far we have investigated the different classes mammals, insects, birds etc belong to.

      Below are some useful links:-

 Sorting games


 Bitesize game


      This half term leading up to Christmas we will be investigating light. Get a head start and look at the links below :-

 Bitesize light 

 Interactive games

 Bitesize light game

  Light and shadows


       The  Spring Term we are looking at Evolution and Inheritence. We will be learning how fossils provide information about creatures that lived millions of years ago. That particular animals and plants have features to help them survive in their environment. The links below will help:-

 How camels adapt

 Comparing faces


       This Summer Term we are investigating the heart and circulation. We will be looking in detail at the different chambers of the heart, its function and how it works. Look at the links below:-

 How the heart works

 Exploring the heart

 The human heart