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  • Jeffries Primary and Nursery School,
  • Vernon Road, Kirkby-in-Ashfield,
  • Nottinghamshire, NG17 8EE,
  • 01623 460274

Investors In Pupils

Our class Target - Summer Term 1

To try and move around school quietly, as not to interrupt other classes.



  1. To listen when an adult is speaking.

  2. To carry out an instruction without fuss.

  3. To get on with our work quietly.

  4. To put our hand up and not get up and walk around.


Reward for achieving Class Target is ....


A afternoon playtime.

Our Mission Statement


Our aim is to:


… try our best all of the time.


… always be nice and friendly.


… try to sort out our problems ourselves first, before telling an adult. Always tell the truth.


… observe personal space, and keep your hands    and feet to ourselves.

… be as independent as we possibly can.


… take pride in our work and keep it neat and tidy.

… listen first time, every time.


… to look after our work spaces in our classroom.


… Respect each other and other members of the school, including other people’s property.


Class Jobs

Answering the phone - Jessica Mayes

AM register - Jessica Gray and Samual Lee

Dinner Register - Isabella Kew

Lights - Bradley

Fruit - Dylan and Tilly

Book corner - Charlotte and Sophie

English Books - Cayce-Leanne and Hannah

Maths books - Villy and Louise

Science books - Oscar and Hermoine

Spelling books - Logan and Nyasha

RE books - Leon and Klaudia

Whiteboards pens - Isobel

Scissor - Harley

Glue Sticks - Graydon

House Points - Jon-Luc and Polly

Table Monitors - Kobe, Bryn, Nazlican, Finley and Olivier